Support the Community

TEDxTelford is run by volunteers and is a non-profit event to help spread great ideas.


Unfortunately, it still costs money to put on such an event, and sponsorship and ticket sales are how we bring in the money to pay for the essentials; venue, food, equipment, videographer, photographer, signage, and advertising. To help with this we are offering two levels of sponsorship to ensure we can keep the ticket price as low as possible and offer a superb experience.


Want To Become A Sponsor?

Please note: At TEDx events the organising team are prohibited from displaying sponsorship where it can be seen on camera, so no slides at the actual event, no banners or posters.

Level 1: Goodie Bag
Gift with business card attached,
£1 per bag to put in Leaflet/booklet & business card. (so we can buy a gift for the bag)
(Suggested gifts are sweets, product testers, vouchers, mini bottles of alcohol, toys)

Please note: At TEDx events the organising team are prohibited from displaying sponsorship where it can be seen on camera, so no slides at the actual event, no banners or posters.

Level 2: Table Sponsorship
£250 buys you the following:
• Branded material, such as brochures (supplied by you) for all tables (you will need 100 for each place setting)
• Appear on sponsor page on the website and in the programme.
• Your Logo on the first and last slide on the video of each speaker, which displays for 3 seconds each. (This is shared with the other major sponsors but shown worldwide every time someone views the video on the TEDx YouTube channel.)
• One seat at your table (worth £57)
• You can put anything into the goody bags.



Please email us here to sponsor us.
Please click here to buy tickets.



The University of Wolverhampton donated valuable time to cut out our TEDxTelford sign letters in wood using their FabLab equipment. They also sponsored us by paying for the venue. We are very grateful to the University for their support.

The University’s four Faculties offer courses in over 70 different subjects and over 4,000 students graduate from Wolverhampton each year.  We invest in our students, staff, alumni and in the local and international community.  We have invested more than £125 million on campus developments and teaching facilities, including £50 million on improving our facilities at Walsall Campus; the innovative Performance Hub; new and refurbished Students’ Unions and further modernisation of our Learning Centres.

The mission of The Tribe Project is to increase social action, improving the quality of life for millions of vulnerable people. Through use of applied technology we will reduce pressure on public services to address the challenges of an ageing population, loneliness and inequality across the UK.

The HR Dept is here to support small and medium sized businesses in the local area deal with HR issues.  The HR Dept is special in many ways. It is delivered to your company:

·        by qualified HR professionals
·        by a dedicated person local to you who gets to know your business – not a call centre
·        in a flexible way that meets the needs of your business
·        using practical and pragmatic approaches, focused on solutions and supporting the progress of your company’s business

We tell you what you can do, not what you can’t.  So, do you like to feel confident that you’re doing all your HR correctly and in the best interests of your business? Get in touch today, and make sure you request your free HR health check!

JM Keynote Speakers specifically provide direct access to a select number of high quality, internationally renowned keynote speakers, all of whom are handpicked global experts specialising in aspects of Change Management and Impact. They are passionate and engaging, providing the perfect keynote for an event.
Run by a team of dedicated professional international conference organisers, at JM Keynote Speakers we know what it takes to impress delegates.
From their office in Shropshire, Remote work with clients around the world creating custom online applications and mobile apps that drive business efficiency, innovation and profitability in purpose-driven teams. Uniquely, they specialise in making sure every experience people have with your business in the digital world is aligned with and communicates your core values and purpose. Their work does all the heavy lifting, freeing teams to spend more time doing what they’re best at so that they can make a greater impact in the world.

White Collar Consultants Limited are a small accountancy firm with big personalities. At WCC we do so much more than tax, by providing a range of services to support SMEs, micro-entities and individuals to achieve their dreams.

So in October 2016, the realisation hit me that I absolutely love doing yoga, and the combination of doing yoga and spending time in the mountains is a match made in heaven, and so started Morris Mountains. I founded the company, with the help of my mum and my husband in October 2016 and we ran our first retreat in April 2017. That’s when I trained to become a yoga teacher, specialising in Hatha yoga. We have grown as a small business offering fully inclusive retreats to all outdoor lovers, and even outdoor novices. It is inclusive of everybody’s needs and abilities, all the food is homemade and is as free of as many allergens as we can think of (its vegan, gluten free, nut free, lactose free) and yet, its good wholesome, healthy, delicious food… well as cake of course.
We have created relationships with different accommodation owners which means that we know we are getting amazing spaces for us to stay and to do our yoga, in the most beautiful parts of North Wales, so very lucky in that aspect.
At the moment we offer yoga and walking retreats, which suits a range of experience and abilities as we get an amazing mix of people who join us. What we are aiming to do is start providing slightly different activities to those who have perhaps been to us before, who would like to try something different that they would not necessarily do on their own. So this being said, in 2019 we are aiming to offer things such as bigger mountain accents, scrambling, wild swimming, as well as our walking and exploration weekends, all of which include morning and evening yoga classes.