Support the Community

TEDxTelford is run by volunteers and is a non-profit event to help spread great ideas.


Unfortunately, it still costs money to put on such an event, and sponsorship and ticket sales are how we bring in the money to pay for the essentials; venue, food, equipment, videographer, photographer, signage, and advertising. To help with this we are offering two levels of sponsorship to ensure we can keep the ticket price as low as possible and offer a superb experience.


Available Sponsorship

Please note: At TEDx the organising team are prohibited from displaying sponsorship where it can be seen on camera, so no banners or posters or flyers inside the room, but they will be permitted in reception depending on the sponsorship package you have purchased.

Level 1: Goodie Bag (Limited to 20 items, so get in quickly)
Gift with card attached
£150 to put in Leaflet/booklet & business card. (so we can buy a gift for the bag)
(Suggested gifts are sweets, product testers, vouchers, mini bottles of alcohol, toys, gadgets)

Level 2: Sponsorship (Limited to 10 only)
£350 buys you the following:
• You may bring branded material, such as brochures (supplied by you) to be placed on the reception desk.
• Appear on the sponsor page on the website and in the programme.
• Your Logo on the first and last slide on the video of each speaker, which displays for 3 seconds each slide. (This is shared with the other major sponsors but shown worldwide every time someone views the video on the TEDxTelford YouTube channel.) NB: Please ensure your logo includes your company name so viewers know who you are.
• One ticket
• You can put a gift and leaflet/business card into the goodie bag

Level 3: Sponsorship (Limited to 10 only)
£600 buys you the following:
Everything already included Level 2, plus:
• A small table and chair in reception or landing and space for a pop-up banner.
• Additional ticket



Please email us here to sponsor us.
Please click here to buy tickets.